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Brexit is causing quite a stir!

It has emerged this week that Prime Minister Theresa May plans to revoke the rights of EU nationals living in the UK under the Freedom of Movement Act. This is said to be underway after the 15th March; after Article 50 is triggered.


The situation has caused a lot of anxiety among Europeans and many have taken to Facebook forums to express their apprehension.  It is expected that many EU nationals will return to Europe post Brexit. This comes after reports that over a quarter of EU citizens have had their applications for permanent UK residency rejected.

Home secretary Amber Rudd pledged that the government “will be ending freedom of movement as we know it.”

Here at Irvine Moving Solutions we have direct weekly services to and from UK and Europe have seen a huge increase in inquiries for European moves over recent weeks.  Our most recent moves have included Belgium, France, Holland and Germany.

On the flip side – it is reported that UK citizens living in Europe are also very uncertain about their situation.  They too are in limbo. Many are scared that they will experience the ‘backlash’ of the decision to revoke the rights of Europeans in the UK. Many Britons are living in Europe for work, will they be returning to the UK when current employment contracts end? A recent customer of ours believes so.

What will Brexit mean for you?

We understand that many people in the UK and Europe are under immense pressure at the minute. A lot of people are not quite sure what’s happening. Please be advised that should you decide to move home, you can make an already stressful situation a little less hectic.

We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and professionalism and we promise to ease the pressure of moving home. Moving abroad can be particularly stressful, however we can help with that. With our packing services and our direct shipping, your move will be seamless and hassle free!

Our friendly and professional moving team will take the hassle out of your move. We offer direct services meaning that we can get your goods to your new location quickly and efficiently. Our export wrapping is second to none and you can be confident your valuables will arrive safely and securely.

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