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Helpful Packing Tips!

If you are planning to move home, then I’m sure you will understand that packing to move home isn’t anything like packing to go on holidays! Organization is key to the packing process and to less headaches when you reach the other side, here are 5 tips to help you when packing up your belongings.

Grocery stores and off license’s products are delivered to them in cardboard boxes, which are usually just folded up and thrown in the recycling bin. If you call in store and ask nicely, they should provide you with boxes suitable for packing or ask you to call back when their delivery arrives.

Packing up your home is a lengthy process, start with the stuff that you don’t use on a daily basis. Also, now is an ideal time to get rid of anything you genuinely do not need – it will save you time and money in transportation. Leave the essentials like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and duvets until the day of your move. You want to be able to wash and have a bed to sleep on until you are actually moving out!
When you arrive at your new home – it is unlikely you are going to unpack everything on the day you arrive. You will probably be shattered, therefore will be grateful that you labeled you boxes and can find your toothbrush, clean underwear and shower gel! It will also make the unpacking process in your new home go much more smoothly.
Label all boxes containing fragile items with a fragile sticker – you don’t want to arrive at you new home to find all your family heirloom antique china smashed to smithereens!  When stacking boxes, ensure boxes labeled ‘fragile’ are positioned at the top – not underneath a box of books for example.
To pack your home safely and correctly, you will need a range of different sized boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, labels and more. We provide a bespoke packaging service to your door – so you have all the equipment you require to pack up your belongings.
To protect your stuff and for safely moving , you will need to use good quality boxes and avoid to pack them too heavy or overload.