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Our Top Tips For Moving Abroad

Whether you are relocating abroad for work or retiring abroad, there are so many things to think about!

All the usual tasks involved in moving home apply, such as re-directing your mail and informing your utility suppliers – but you will also have to concern yourself with transporting your belongings overseas, perhaps learning a new language and fitting in with a different culture!

To help you with the moving process, we have put together a useful checklist when you are planning your move abroad.


  • Check each family members passport is in date
  • Begin to learn the local language
  • Decide on a date to move – if you have children you may prefer to move in the school easter or summer holidays
  • Book a professional European Removal Company
  • Research the culture and history of your new home

6 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Double check and confirm all travel arrangements – including flights, trains and ferry bookings
  • Book any overnight stays in hotels
  • Advise both your doctor and dentist of your move abroad and obtain the family’s medical records
  • If you are moving to Europe, apply for a European Health Insurance Card at the Post Office.

4 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Discuss your move with your designated project manager
  • Form a list of what you wish to take with you
  • Cancel club memberships and subscriptions or inform them or change of address
  • Arrange to have your post re-directed to your new address
  • Ensure your driver’s license covers you in the country you are relocating to

3 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Clear out the attic and garage and recycle or get rid of anything you do not intend to take with you
  • Transfer and close bank accounts

2 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Begin dismantling any large furniture items
  • Arrange for gas or electricity meters to be read on the day of your move
  • Organize phone to be disconnected on day of your move

1 Week Prior to Move

  • Empty and defrost the freezer
  • Collect important documents (marriage and birth certificates) together so you can carry them with you on the move. Ensure you have photocopies transferred separately
  • Go over and confirm everything for your move with your project manager again
  • Get euros (or alternative foreign currency) to use on arrival

1-3 Days Prior to Move

  • Arrange with your neighbours/council (if parking restrictions apply) for a parking space to be available for the removals lorry
  • Pack suitcases for your journey, ensuring you have easy access to toiletries and fresh clothing if you have any overnight stops

The day of the move

  • Before our moving vehicles arrive, double check every room and cupboard to ensure you haven’t left anything behind
  • Relax – let us co-ordinate your move!

Our checklist is extensive – but may not cover every eventuality. That’s why your designated project manager will be on hand to help every step of the way and ensure your office move goes smoothly!