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Roger Boyd

Last week I used Irvine Moving Solutions for the second time.

Until I moved to another country, I never realised just how critical entrusting your assets to a third party really is.

I needed to move furniture, clothing, musical instruments, bicycles, computers, and personal documentation at pretty short notice.

I started off by looking on the net and found Irvine Moving Solutions on a generic removals website, called AnyVan: This is where you need to be careful.

Price quotes, services, terms of business, insurance coverage range from un-insured individuals with a van to ludicrously expensive “centres of excellence”.

One’s possessions are hugely important: One cannot afford any risk. When entrusting their transportation and storage, you want peace of mind, knowledge you are being fairly charged, and a decent service.

This is why I reckon Irvine Moving Solutions are the best in their game:

  • No sales calls trying to grab the business. I got loads of these from other firms: Very off-putting.
  • Reputation is totally transparent: FaceBook them and check out their Website.
  • Irvine Moving Solutions know their stuff : Talk to any of the staff and you’ll find that out immediately.
  • Quality of service / Value for money:  I got
  1. Follow up progress calls: (They arrived / delivered at precisely the agreed time).
  2. A Terms of Business Contract, which was dead clear.
  3. My possessions were insured.
  4. ​Staff who were always reachable.
  5. Drivers who were respectful: They took their boots off, so as not to mark my carpet.

 I’d never consider any other company.

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