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Packaging fine art for shipping can be tricky!

When a customer looks for a specialist to package their fine art and valuables; removals companies like ourselves come up against some frequently asked questions. Our customers are very cautious about the shipment of their precious artwork and collections. We are often asked;

  • Do you know what you are doing?
  • How will you pack it?
  • What materials will you use?

We can assure you, we know what we are doing!

We fully understand the importance of art and also the necessity to keep it all in the one piece! We travel all over Northern Ireland, Ireland, UK and Europe delivering our customers precious goods to their doors. No matter where in the world we travel to, or how long we are on the road, your artwork and valuables will be securely protected door-to-door.

Art lovers and collectors are very particular about their collections. When sourcing their removal company they need to guarantee that the correct steps will be followed and also that the correct materials will be used when protecting their much loved pieces.

This is why here at Irvine Moving Solutions we take great care of all of our customer’s goods, and pay particular care and attention when packaging fine art for shipping.

We use only materials highly recommended in the art industry when protecting your art work.

Our materials will always securely protect your goods while in transit. These materials include:

  1. Acid free paper
  2. Painters tape
  3. Foam corner protectors
  4. Bubble blanket (wraps entire item)

Here are some images demonstrating a recent fine art packaging job we completed.

Acid free paper used when packaging fine art for shipping
painters tape to protect glass and keep acid free paper in place when packaging fine art for shipping
foam corner protectors for obvious protection when packaging fine art for shipping

Irvine Moving Solutions are experts in export wrapping and packing. We have twice weekly services to all parts of Northern Ireland, Ireland and UK as well as direct weekly services to Europe. Call us today on 02871 860068/ 0800 756 2026 or email