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Your Big Move…our step by step guide!

Here at Irvine Moving Solutions we appreciate that any move can be a stressful time for you and your family. It requires time, hard work and a lot of patience!! That’s why we are here to help. It is our job to take the stress out of this move for you.

We understand when hiring a removals company the process ahead can seem daunting. To put your mind at ease we have put together a list detailing every step of the process.


1)     Your Free Home Visit

   i.      Let us personalise your move to meet your unique requirements

  ii.      We can see for ourselves the items needing moved and can give you an accurate quote.

   iii.      Get to know the team who will be completing your move

   iv.      Meet your project manager who will see you through the entire transition

2)      Complete an inventory for your move

We ask you to fill out an inventory for your move

          i.      This means making a record of everything you need us to ship

          ii.      Make sure to record quantities, i.e. number of boxes, wardrobes etc.

          iii.      Ask us about packaging materials like boxes and bubble wrap

3)      Are you moving abroad?

    i.      We can take care of customs documentation,

      ii.      Overseas insurance

   iii.      Export wrapping

4)      Packing your stuff yourself

   i.      Pack one room at a time

   ii.      Give the stuff you’ll need first easy access

iii.      Label each bag and box so you know where its going in your new home

   iv.      Do not pack your boxes too heavy

  v.      We can provide packaging materials for a small premium

5)      Or let us pack your stuff for you

   i.      Let us take the stress out of your move a little more- we have a packaging service to offer.

ii.      Our team can wrap and pack all of your belongings for you before loading them into the lorry- Ask us about this for your move

6)      THE MOVE

    i.      Our men will arrive at your home at the arranged time

    ii.      They will confirm everything on your inventory and add to it if needs be

   iii.      Everything will be wrapped in protective blankets and loaded onto the lorry

   iv.      We can offer storage if your new home isn’t ready yet

v.      We will confirm delivery times with you


  i.      We will arrive at the confirmed delivery time

   ii.      On arrival we will confirm everything has arrived as it should

   iii.      We will unload the vehicles

   iv.      Next we will move your items into your new home/office to whichever rooms you want them in.

  v.      Sign off your delivery

For your peace of mind…

All of our vehicles are equipped with tracking devices so we know exactly where your furniture and personal items are at all times for your added security.