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Why use a ‘professional’ company?

People often ask, why would I need a professional removals company? Can I not bundle it all into a van?

The answer is simply no, you cannot.

Moving home can be stressful and moving yourself is risky, therefore using a professional company like ourselves is highly recommended.

Moving home or office requires a lot of time and physical strength. If you have heavy furniture, loads of boxes and valuables, then you need to hire a professional removals company.

One of our 8 vehicles for a professional move

As we move homes and offices every day, the customer service a professional company like ours has to offer you is invaluable. We have the correct advice, so therefore we can offer help on all aspects of your move. As an expert removal company we insure your belongings when packing, in transit and unpacking – you can guarantee that all your valuables and furniture are fully covered in case of an accident.

Here at Irvine Moving Solutions, our friendly and professionally trained moving team will ensure your boxes are lifted and laid correctly to avoid damage. They are experts in transporting heavy furniture and fragile items, therefore you can trust your goods will arrive safely in your new home.

In keeping with our professionalism you can be confident knowing that all of your communication is well recorded. Contracts and other important documents are signed and carefully filed.

Good communication with your chosen company is essential!

We need to understand property layouts and access points so we can plan ahead for potential difficulties. Keeping your moving team up to date with your moving plan will keep everything running smoothly for you. This is why Irvine Moving Solutions have a number of ways of staying in touch with our customers.

As well as email and phone, you can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

We have all the man power you need, the necessary vehicles for any size of move and extensive cover for your goods.

Request your free quote or site visit from Irvine Moving Solutions today; we would love to hear from you.