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first night box- moving tips
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Moving home can be pretty stressful, so keeping organised is key! We have listed our top 10 moving tips for you to keep on top of it all.

1)Your first night box!

Make sure you have all of your first night essentials in the one box (2 at the most). Load this onto your moving van last so you can unload it first, and have it clearly labelled.

My first night essentials would have to include; fresh bedding, a good book, COFFEE, a mug, colouring books and some electronic device (like a tablet) for the kiddies, toilet roll and toiletries, pyjamas, any necessary medicines, disposable plates for the takeaway you’ll definitely get, breakfast bowls and spoons and bulbs!

Handy moving tips when moving home- wrap it up
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2) Wrap it up.

Instead of emptying your storage drawers and packing the contents into something else, use plastic wrap to keep the drawers shut and your items in place. This will cut down the packing time and free up space in your moving van.

3) Get labelling.

Just as simple as it sounds, keep it that way! Every box needs a label. If it is a large room with multiple boxes have two labels; one so you know where the box belongs and one with a contents list. This way you will know EXACTLY where everything is. You won’t need to go rummaging through every box to find that one thing you’re looking for.

4) Photograph your electronics.

Handy tips when moving home: photograph your electronics
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It is so easy to just pull out all the cords and throw them in a box until unpacking in your new home. Then you get there and you’ll think “where does this bit go?”

A handy way to know what bits go where, is the photograph all of your electronics before you pull the cord! Take a picture of the back of TVs and media stations, game consoles, internet router etc. Then when you go to wire everything back up, you’ll see for yourself where everything goes…and it’ll save a lot of arguments!

5) Keep your clothes on their hangers.

Save time when packing and unpacking, use bin liners to lift all of the clothes hanging on your wardrobe off the rail and keep them together. No need to spend valuable packing time taking everything off hangers to put them all back on again. Use this handy tip to keep things moving along.

6) Bin, give, sell or up-cycle.

One of my favourite moving tips – decluttering!

If you are unlikely to ever use it again, and it is no use to anyone else- always bin it!

If you can make a few pound from selling unwanted bits and pieces, do it! You can sell your pre-loved books, jewellery, art pieces, fabric, CDs, DVDs, children’s toys and whatever else you want rid of to make some extra cash for new things for your nice shiny new home!

Up-cycle: everyone’s new favourite hobby. It works great for those run down bits of furniture that you love too much to throw away. Give it some new paint, change the colour, change handles, and change the whole look; perfect for adding that nice vintage feel to a room.

7) Use the appropriate moving boxes.

Use appropriate moving boxes
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It’s always tempting to gather in empty crisp boxes from your local shop to use for packing. Do not do this. It is important to use strong and durable boxes when moving home. It will keep your valuable belongs secure in transit and they will be easier lifted by your removal team. We do not want your things falling out the bottom. Use a trusted storage and box retailer to get a good deal on moving packs.

8) Use rolling suitcases!

This is a handy tip for moving all of your heavy goods. Heavy books and office files are good examples of what should be moved like this. They will be easily transported in and out of the house onto the loading van without any strain on anyone.

9) Use socks and fluffy teddy bears for extra padding.

moving tips- socks-for-padding
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Save on bubble wrap, utilize everything! Put a sock around your wine glasses when packing them into your boxes. Keep your plates, cups and ornaments from breaking by stuffing teddy bears and other soft toys into the corners and sides of boxes.

10) Use a RELIABLE and PROFESSIONAL moving company.

You have just packed up all of your valuable belongings, now you need them to be in the right hands. Hire a competent removals company who will have all the correct insurance to protect your worldly possessions.

We hope these handy moving tips will help with your transition. Whether you are moving around the corner or overseas, Irvine Moving Solutions has you covered. We make weekly trips all over Ireland, UK and Europe, directly delivering to your door. Call us today or request a free quote now.

Have you any of your own moving tips you would like to share with us?