Removal Companies In Ireland – How Best To Brief Them

Removal companies in Ireland are there to help you with your impending home or office move, not to cause you more stress. It’s true, though, that some companies are more adept at this than others, and provide additional services such as free quotes and pre-move home visits to support the process. It’s also true that knowing what information moving companies Ireland wide need regarding your move, and your belongings, can greatly facilitate your move. Consider utilising a briefing sheet to tell the company important bits of information that they need to know and to ensure that nothing gets forgotten.

When considering your briefing sheet there are a few important things to remember. Firstly, your briefing sheet should not be massively long. The sheet is there to ensure that everyone knows about the major things that could affect the move and removal companies Ireland generally don’t need to know which box your toilet brush is going to be in. Instead, your briefing should identify items that are at particular risk of being damaged. These could include pictures and antiques that need special packing to ensure their safety. Similarly, it’s helpful to tell your removal company Ireland based in advance if there are any items that are notoriously hard to move. No mover likes to come across a piano without any warning.

Any items that need to be dismantled and reassembled should be highlighted. This includes things like wardrobes, and other pieces of large furniture such as dressers and drawers. In addition, if there are curtains and carpets going with you, ensure that you highlight this too. If there are items that are staying, or that you will be transporting yourself, this should be included in the briefing sheet. Removal companies to Ireland or from Ireland also need to know about elements such as access at both properties. If codes are needed for gates, or there are passes required to park at the property, these details can be kept with the briefing sheet.

At Irvine Moving Solutions, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. Our free onsite visit helps establish any issues we may have while moving and we endeavour to get as much information as necessary from customers without overwhelming them. Many of our customers are looking for removal companies Ireland to UK options or, sometimes, the other way around. We look to ensure that this process is both simple and efficient. Discuss your needs with one of the team on 028 71860068. Alternatively, details of all our services can be found at https://irvinemovingsolutions.com.