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Choosing a removal company for your International Move.

International movingHow to choose the right removal company for your International move.

When moving home weather it’s locally, or internationally you will find that there are thousands of removal companies. These companies will all promise the best but this is not always the outcome. This guide will ensure that you choose the best removal company for your international move.

Get organised

As soon as you decide that you are moving overseas start researching. Look for possible removal companies to help with your move. Once you start receiving quotes this will give you an estimate on the amount the move is going to cost you, you will then know if you are financially prepared.

The options for moving your goods internationally are by sea or air, by road is only if you’re moving within Europe. When choosing a removal company it would be a question to ask, on how your items will be relocated.

When choosing a removals company consider the following factors to help you decide:


Look for testimonials from past customers, from this you can judge on what removal companies are as good and true as they say. You will trust all your valuables with the company so you need to have confidence in them.

Compare the companies

Request a quote from the removals online services, then the company will contact you. From this you can they chat and decide how their company would be best for you.

Shop around

See what each company has to offer. Get at least three different quotes. Choosing a company that are a member of “The British Association of Removers” or “The National Guild of removals and Storers” ensures that the company is trustworthy and professional.

It may be worth it to consider a removals company that provides a packing service, especially for an international move. It may cost a few pound but to reduce stress and your time, it will be all worth it. Leave it to the professionals hence where they get the name from, as they are experienced.

Ask Questions!

Is the company fully licenced and insured? This is a very important question you should ask to make sure your belongings are covered.

Can the original quote change? The original quote may change depending on the circumstances and if the original inventory stated has changed.

Are there any additional fees? Some companies have hidden costs that the quote does not include for example insurance. Make sure to ask about this so you have no surprises of hidden charges.

What Methods of payment they accept? If moving overseas as what currency you pay in and if there are bank or credit card charges.

Who will be handling your items? Will the moving service provider you contract handle the shipment from collection to destination? Ask will they be working with another company for some of the process so you know.

How long will the shipping process take? Depending on your destination it will be difficult for the removal company to give you an exact time frame. Asking this question will get you a rough idea for time of arrival.

What items can I ship? Different requirements are put into place because of laws in the country of destination, it is important to know what you can and cannot ship. Ask your removals company’s advice on this; they will keep you right.

Make sure you are well prepared before you international move, it is important to choose the right removal company that you can trust and depend on. This will take a lot of stress from you and help you prepare for your move.


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