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Driving safety for Long Distance Drivers

Safety first – always! It is very important for all drivers, especially long distance drivers to apply driving safety measures when on the road. This week will see one example of the long journeys our drivers undertake. Setting off today we have 2 vans heading to deliver goods in Germany before heading on to pick […]

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Now offering worldwide shipping

Irvine Moving Solutions goes global. Yes, worldwide shipping is our new thing! Irvine Moving Solutions had primarily offered services throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. That is until now. A lot of our customers have been requesting quotes for moves going further afield. So, we are spreading our wings and giving our customers what they want […]

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Will you be relocating post Brexit?

Brexit is causing quite a stir! It has emerged this week that Prime Minister Theresa May plans to revoke the rights of EU nationals living in the UK under the Freedom of Movement Act. This is said to be underway after the 15th March; after Article 50 is triggered. The situation has caused a lot of […]

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What is the Average cost of Moving home?

What is the average cost of moving home? Preparing for that big move one of the first things that may cross you mind “how much will this move cost me” This article will compare the costs of hiring a professional moving service or completing the move yourself. Whether you are moving locally or cross country […]

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Preparing for your move.

Moving home is not something that can be done in one day. It takes time and planning. There’s lots of packing and organising you should prepare months in advance to your move. If you plan to move in 2017 here are a few tips to help you get organised. 1. Preparation is Key! There is so […]

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Help us, help you.

Moving home can be a very stressful time but Irvine Moving Solutions will guide you and your family to a successful stress free move. In order for us to do this why don’t you “help us, help you”. Top tips: It may be the obvious but pack heavier items in the bottom of the box […]

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10 moving tips to stay organised!

Moving home can be pretty stressful, so keeping organised is key! We have listed our top 10 moving tips for you to keep on top of it all. 1)Your first night box! Make sure you have all of your first night essentials in the one box (2 at the most). Load this onto your moving van […]

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A leading removals company in Northern Ireland with excellent customer service

A removals company in Northern Ireland

Customer service is always at the forefront of our mind. You will not be disappointed. Irvine Moving Solutions rapidly became a leading removals company in Northern Ireland. With 40 years experience behind us, we are experts in home and office relocations. We specialise in overseas and cross channel removals. As well as UK and Ireland removals, we frequently move customers to many European […]

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foam corner protectors for obvious protection when packaging fine art for shipping

Packaging fine art for shipping!

Packaging fine art for shipping can be tricky! When a customer looks for a specialist to package their fine art and valuables; removals companies like ourselves come up against some frequently asked questions. Our customers are very cautious about the shipment of their precious artwork and collections. We are often asked; Do you know what you are […]

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Our relocation services for jobseekers will make your move a smooth transition

Relocation Services for Jobseekers

Are you one of the thousands relocating to find work? It is no secret that in today’s climate, we still have a lot of people leaving the UK in search of employment. Our relocation services for jobseekers makes this otherwise stressful time, a seamless transition. We understand that relocating anywhere at anytime can be tough; […]

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